Facial: What You Need To Know

Do you usually suffer from stress that you barely look in the mirror because all you see is an older version of you? Now is the perfect time to realize that effective facial treatments are out there! Have a healthy and glowing face no matter how stressed you are.

Facial treatments make it convenient for you to maintain glowing skin even if you are in the middle of stress. A facial is also helpful, especially when you aren’t fond of using cosmetic products. 

Understanding Facial

A facial treatment is the most common and popular skincare treatment specializing in cleansing and exfoliation. This multi-step process helps you achieve moisturized and nourished skin. 

Facial treatments are suitable and ideal for any skin types as these also help calm even sensitive skin. We have satisfied many patients in Blue Springs and  North Kansas City with our facial services.

The Usual Steps of the Treatment

Each treatment usually begins with a consultation, so the aesthetician will determine what products are perfect for your skin. Once determined, the procedure will begin. Below are the most common steps done in facial treatment.

  • Cleansing is generally the first step typically done by massaging the cleanser into the face and neck area. It also removes any traces of make-up residue and dirt. Warm water and a facial sponge, cotton pad, and cloth are used to wash away the cleanser and dry the face.
  • Exfoliation is the next step to buff away all the dead skin cells using exfoliating scrub and opening up the pore with a steamer.
  • Extractions to the pores clogged with excess oil and dirt lead to the emergence of blackheads and acne. The extraction method is performed either by hand or with a unique metal tool.
  • Massage is included in the process to calm the face and often the upper body also. Massage also improves lymphatic drainage.
  • Masks or custom masks, usually clay-based masks, are used to treat oiliness or stop dryness. Applying serum and moisturizer are also included in facial treatment.

Types of Facial Treatments

There are numerous types of facial treatments that you can choose from. Some of the popular types are:

  • Anti-aging eye treatment helps lessen the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes.
  • Balancing facials are ideal for people with blemish-prone skin and enlarged pores. It will also help in regulating oil from your skin. 
  • A hydrating facial is designed to help you hydrate your skin to avoid dryness in the face.
  • A rejuvenating facial is a treatment that aims to give you a younger appearance that stimulates the growth of new cells and collagen.
  • Brightening facials; and
  • Collagen facials

All these types of facial are very beneficial in any skin type. Your provider will help you choose which type of facial treatment is best for you.

Frequency of Facial Treatment

Having a regular facial treatment depends on the form of your skin. If dry skin, large pores, and acne breakouts are your main problem, facial treatment once a month is recommended for you. 

Though, for some reason, dermatologists recommend having a facial every four weeks because that’s the length of time your skin will be needed before it adapts and adjusts through the treatment cycle. 

Since facial treatments are developed to help you achieve healthier, flawless, acne-free, and younger-looking skin, regular facial treatment is vital because:

  • Stress. One of the worst things for you is stress perhaps. It can make a significant impact on the condition of your skin. 
  • Hydration. Facial treatments help you hydrate your skin, making it softer, and you won’t have to feel any dryness anymore.
  • Collagen. An increase of collagen is significant in helping you slow and prevent the early signs of aging from appearing in your face.
  • Detoxification of the skin. Facials lessen the specks of dirt underneath the skin making it more radiant.
  • Sun damage. Regular facials also help repair skin damages caused by ultraviolet rays and long heat exposure. 

Your aesthetician might recommend some home care regimen to maintain healthy skin even after getting your facial treatments.

Facial treatments are waving at you! Visit us now and get in touch with one of our highly-experienced professionals.